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Welcome to The Smart Witch Store, the magical practitioner's on-line resource for pagan jewelry, crystals, stones and magical tools, including:
  • Athames. The athame is a tool of command, used to direct power.
  • Bells. The bell is a ritual tool of invocation and banishment. It is symbolic of the creative force, that of the Goddess.
  • Besoms (Brooms). The broom is used to ritually cleanse an area before magic is performed.
  • Bollines (White-Handled Knives). The bolline is the practical knife of the craft, used to cut wands, flowers and herbs.
  • Cauldrons. The cauldron is symbolic of reincarnation, immortality and inspiration.
  • Censers (Thuribles). The censer is an incense burner used during ritual.
  • Chalices. The base of the chalice is symbolic of the material world and the connection between us and Spirit.
  • Grimoires and Books of Shadows. The Book of Shadows is the workbook of the witch.
  • Pentacles. The pentacle is the centerpiece of the alter on which objects are placed to be consecrated or charged.
  • Wands. The length of the wand should approximate the crook of your elbow to the middle of your index finger. 
I hope you enjoy the extensive selection of beautiful, magical and practical items offered here.

Blessed Be

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